iPage Hosting Review

For more than 10 years, iPage is in the web hosting industry and has served in many ways. There are so many options available to create a website and we can pick any one of the different plans such as business, home, personal that depends upon the need of the customers. iPage is also awarded as a Green Company because of converting all their offices, servers and data centers by 100% wind energy. So we can get green certificate for our website. iPage team helps you in different manner, by providing various services like online site building using Dreamweaver, FrontPage and so on. So, the newbie to web hosting industry can have own websites with full support.

In recent years, iPage has become a leader in web hosting industry among 1000s of web hosting company because of their reliable services in affordable price. The number of domains under management is exceeding over 1,500,000. With the 10 years experience, now iPage team provides quality service to their customers in more than 150 countries. You customers, no need to worry of the hosting services because more than 800 employees are ready to serve. The new ones to web hosting industry can get so many offers and make new deals with iPage new features. Every month, we can find new services keep on adding in the list of their services and this is because of the partnerships with the online service providing leaders like Google, Yahoo!, VeriSign and more. These new services will be really helpful to expand your business with great flexibility.

Ipage server review

iPage hosting company mainly deals with shared hosting services. They have their own data centers. You can get a very good shared hosting for very cheapest price in hosting market. Likely you are packed more with $400 worth marketing credits.

  • Unlimited Disk Space
  • Unlimited Bandwidth
  • Unlimited Add on domains
  • Unlimited MySQL Databases
  • $400 worth Gifts
    • $50 worth Google Adwords
    • $50 worth Facebook Credits
    • $25 worth Yahoo Advertising credits
    • $50 worth Design Suite
    • $150 worth Security suite – SiteLock, e-commerce system, Payment integration…
    • and  lot more…

Ipage Hosting Coupons

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Honest Review from an 5 years ipage user

We have been surveying iPage for very long time and even this blog is hosted at iPage.com so that we can monitor iPage positives and negatives.

Crudely you get what you pay for. The iPage hosting plan is one of the cheapest web hosting in the world with good reliability. You are offered 5 times more than your money value with – google marketing credits, yahoo credits, Online backup, RatePoint credits and many like this.

Currently, iPage manages over 1,500,000 websites under their control and all website run well without any issues and problems. The customers of iPage are boasting themselves about their websites quality and uptime. iPage is very simple in offering their plans and services to their customers and all level webmaster can enjoy the benefits of the simplicity. Protecting your websites from the malware attacks is really a major task for each and every webmasters. With over 10 year experience, iPage team updates the anti-malware software regularly providing high security to our website in their data centers. Customers can also take advantage of other great tools to manage their websites.
iPage is so proud of offering their services fully powered by wind energy and thus it is more eco-friendly to reduce carbon footprints. iPage is really dedicated in providing best green web hosting services to their customers without affecting the environment. iPage offers the facility of anytime money back guarantee that allows the customers to get a refund whenever you people feel bad experience in their service. One of the main plus point with iPage is the price schemes of the plans and features. It is obscure until we start compare the cost of hosting of iPage with other hosting providers.

So if you are searching for the host in affordable price then iPage will be the perfect choice.

Why to choose ipage shared hosting ?

1. Web Hosting Control Panel – vDeck: iPage uses one of the most popular control panel called vDeck. If you do not have any idea of what a control panel does, then here is a definition specially for your understanding, Control Panel is a part of the Microsoft Windows graphical user interface which allows the users to view and also to manipulate basic system settings which is controlled by applets, such as adding hardware, adding and removing software, controlling user accounts and changing accessibility options. Here in iPage vDeck performs all these operations. vDeck is a control panel where in you have a complete control, with a completely redesigned, easy-to-use interface, featuring tabbed, drop-down navigation and one-click support. It gives a greater flexibility for managing the hosting account and it provides you with a wider selection of applications. vDeck maintains a consistent style all over the pages, the pages are well-organized. You can manage and have control over almost everything in your website, for this there are wide range of options such as website management, email management, domain management, ecommerce services, marketing services, account management services and many more.

2. Enhanced Security Suite ($100 Value): Today’s world of internet is full of malware and spam which are ready to attack your site anytime even if they find a small hole. You need not to think of such threats when your site is hosting with iPage, because we provide you with a Security Suite which is of worth $100 value all for Free, nobody will provide you with such an offer yet iPage provides thinking not of money but of quality service of the customers. This Security Suite will do daily malware scan, business verification, daily spam scan, display certificate for your site(which most of the users check before entering their personal information), highly secured data center and constant network scanning, apart from these security measure we also add an extra feature known as “SiteLock Security” which is also Free. With this you can monitor for any spam or hacker activities, it also warns if the website contains any malicious URL.

3. 24/7 Network Monitoring: We have System Administration team in iPage which monitors the network 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to ensure that your site is up and running all the times, this is the reason we are sure enough to guarantee for 99.9% uptime.

4. High Performance Load Balanced Servers: The servers we use are of high performance, as the name indicates we balance the load which mean we will manage any level of traffic we receive which in turn helps smooth running of your website and the customers who are visiting your site need not to wait. Our high quality server system runs up-to-date making most of your site. You will definitely experience powerful, fast execution speed and processing power making your site perform at optimal levels.

5. Visitors Statistics/Site Traffic Reporting: We use this technology which gives you accurate statistics of various visitors of your site along with providing site traffic report. Using this you can calculate visitors, can know at what time they visited, how long they stay in the site etc., these details helps to maintain and improve your site better.

6. Multiple Gigabit & Fiber optic Connections of Diverse Backbones: We offer you with an unlimited bandwidth which is possible because we use this technology. iPage has redundant T3 connections to its servers which provides more than enough bandwidth to your site.

7. Two Data Center Locations: We in iPage have two data center locations; they are strategically located on AT&T’s, Global Crossing and Cable & Wireless’ OC48/Oc192 Global IP backbones. We have two locations especially designed to maximize your internet reach and bandwidth capacity and to optimize performance. Also to ensure your data security we have staffed 24 hours a day with on-site guards and are equipped with both interior and exterior closed-circuit television.

8. Cisco Routers using BGP4 Protocol: Border Gateway Protocol which takes the decision of core routing on the Internet. It takes the decisions based on path, network policies and rule sets. You can build highly secure data, mobility and application services with Cisco Routers. Hence Cisco Routers which uses BGP4 Protocol does great.

9. NetApp Snapshot Data Backups: We in iPage have daily backups to ensure that your website is always protected.

10. UPS Power Backup, Diesel Backup Generator: We have UPS Power Backup in spite of backup generation system to ensure that your site is running smoothly even during the times of power outage.

11. Bandwidth & Disk Usage Monitor: Bandwidth monitor monitors bandwidth usages through computer it is installed on, there is software which logs bandwidth usages and provides daily, weekly and monthly reports. It monitors all LAN network connection, Internet network connection and VPN connection. Disk Usage Monitor monitors what your users are storing and regularly examines disk space usage, this tool makes you to find out if the users are wasting space on the network or you need to invest in more storage.

12. Access Logs: This contains the list of all the requests for individual files that people have requested from a web site. This will  tell you number of visitors, origin of visitors, number of requests, usage patterns in terms f time of day, day of week and seasonally.

13. Error Logs: Contains the log of errors encountered by a system. This is extremely useful when you need to diagnose and manage systems such as web servers, office networks and so forth. Accessing the error log needs some administrative permission which avoids unauthorized people from seeing documentation of errors.

Hence you can understand that in any way we use world class technology to provide the users world class technology.

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